RileyLink Common Issues and FAQ’s

How often does the RileyLink need to be charged?

You should charge your RileyLink every 24 hours.  Typically overnight on a bed stand works great.

How often do I need to replace the Battery in the RileyLink?

Your RileyLink battery will work at full capacity for about 12 months.  After that point it will have a reduced charge capacity.  You can replace the battery with a new one that we supply here on the site.

My RileyLink Red LED (Charging Light) won’t shut off. Is it broken?

The RileyLink draws power from the battery even when plugged in. This means it will always be slowly draining the battery. If the battery is full. No longer accepting a charge from the charge circuit, then the Red LED will turn off.  {BUT!} Since the RileyLink is slowly draining the battery, in a short period of time the Red LED will turn on again.  You may miss this phenomenon (of the LED shutting off).  If you want to see it really happen you can power off the RileyLink using it’s power switch and plug it into a charger.  This will charge the Battery and it should stay topped off and the Red LED will turn off.

A watched kettle never boils.
A watched RileyLink Red LED never shuts off.

Does my RileyLink Kit Include a Charger and Cable to charge it?

We do not provide a power supply or cable to charge your RileyLink.  The order page for the kit states the following.

Not Included With Your Order

  • Mini USB Cable for Charging Battery (Amazon)
  • USB Charging Power Supply 0.5A (Amazon)

My RileyLink won’t stay on.  The lights blink then they all shut off.

That’s fantastic, that’s what’s supposed to happen when you turn it on.  When the RileyLink is switched on the LED’s will blink then they will all shut off.

ONLY when a RileyLink is connected to an external software application (for example Loop/AndroidAPS) will the Green LED on the bottom of the board stay lit.

If a Blue LED stays on at power up you may have some dirt or debris on the board that needs to be cleaned off, or your RileyLink Firmware may be damaged and need of update.  See the (Power On Self Test Video).

My RileyLink has a solid blue LED on.  What’s wrong?

If your RileyLink has a solid Blue LED that stays lit in the center of the board it may mean that you have some dirt or debris on the contact terminals of the CC1110 Chip.

  1. Power off the RileyLink and Disconnect the battery
  2. Clean the all the terminals of the CC1110 with alcohol and an unused clean toothbrush head
  3. Reconnect the battery and do a power-on self test as shown here (Power On Self Test Video)

If your RileyLink still has the BLUE LED in the middle of the board lit.  It may be that your firmware on the CC1110 Is corrupt and you will need to ReFlash the CC1110 chip.  This typically happens because the RileyLink has been introduced to static electricity from putting it into a pocket or against clothing.

Instructions on Flashing the Rileylink with the latest Firmware (August 2018)

My RileyLink 433 (OmniPod) is Green not Red like the picture on the website.

From time to time we do runs of purple and red and other color boards.  You need to look at the antenna to tell the difference between RileyLinks.

  • The short black antenna is for the 916 MHz (Medtronic)
  • The longer copper coil antenna is for the 433Mhz (OmniPod)

The physical antenna is the only difference, the rest of the hardware and firmware on the chips is identical.
Fun Fact:  The first Rileylink board I had was purple, and that’s why this website is mostly purple.