RileyLink Firmware Flashing

Firmware Update or Re-Flash Required Hardware:

The following hardware is required to update the firmware on your RileyLink 0.7p or 1.0 Board.

  1. Windows PC or Virtual Machine  –  Windows 7, 8 ,10 PC or Suitable Virtual Machine with USB Passthrough Bridge (VMware Fusion 10 has been tested to work if your using a Mac).  The guide was developed on VMWare Fusion Version 10.1.2 (8502123), running a Windows 10 VM.
  2. TI CC Debugger Tool  –  A hardware device used to program the TI CC1110 and BlueGiga BLE chips on the board

For full instructions on how to update your RileyLink’s Firmware yourself please download the following files and guide.  We have a Zip file with the Guide and Firmware files as well as a separate PDF download of just the guide.

Firmware Update Files and Guide:

RileyLink Firmware Update Files & Guide August 2018 (621kb)

RileyLink Firmware Update Guide August 2018 (600kb)

BlueGiga-BLE-Installers (43.7mb)