RileyLink Firmware Flashing

Firmware Update or Re-Flash Required Hardware:

The following hardware is required to update the firmware on your RileyLink 0.7p or 1.0 Board.

  1. Windows PC or Virtual Machine  –  Windows 7, 8 ,10 PC or Suitable Virtual Machine with USB Passthrough Bridge (VMware Fusion 10 has been tested to work if your using a Mac).  The guide was developed on VMWare Fusion Version 10.1.2 (8502123), running a Windows 10 VM.
  2. TI CC Debugger Tool  –  A hardware device used to program the TI CC1110 and BlueGiga BLE chips on the board.Amazon:

For full instructions on how to update your RileyLink’s Firmware yourself please download the following files and guide.  We have a Zip file with the Guide and Firmware files as well as a separate PDF download of just the guide.

If you would like us to update the firmware for you we now provide a Repair and Testing Service

Firmware Update Files and Guide:

RileyLink Firmware Update Guide PDF August 2018 (600kb)
RileyLink Firmware Update Files & PDF Guide August 2018 (621kb)
BlueGiga-BLE-Installers and Programming Tools (43.7mb)
TI Smart Studio and Flash Programmer Tools (89.1mb)