RileyLink/OrangeLink Repair and Testing Service


RileyLinks/OrangeLinks are provided to the Maker community As-Is with a limited Warranty.  Members of the community have asked for a means of servicing RileyLinks/OrangeLinks that they have issues with.  This service provides a means of scheduling service on your RileyLink/OrangeLink hardware by a member of the support team.

  • Do you need to have someone test and verify if your RileyLink/OrangeLink is working properly?
  • Does your RileyLink have a solid blue LED on, and need a firmware re-flashed?
  • Do you want someone to replace the battery and test the RileyLink charging circuit?
  • Do you want someone to test the RileyLink Antenna against a known working system?
  • Did you break the power switch or crack the L1 component on your RileyLink?
  • Do yo have a bent or broken Antenna?
  • Is your OrangeLink not powering on when you put in fresh batteries?
  1. Add this service to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Provide us any issue details you can in the “Order Notes (optional)” section at checkout.
  3. Print the Service Order email we send to you.
  4. Ship your Rileylink to us per the instructions provided.  (You are responsible for shipping your RileyLink/OrangeLink to us)

After we test and service your RileyLink/OrangeLink, we will email you our findings.  If we can repair the device we will, and then we’ll ship your RileyLink/OrangeLink back to you. * If we find issues that we are unable to repair we will refund your payment



RileyLink/OrangeLink Repair Services – Included with your Service Order

Inspect the RileyLink/OrangeLink for any component parts breakage *

  • Broken power switch
  • Broken L1 chip
  • Damaged Battery Connectors (OrangeLink)

Power Test the RileyLink

  • We will Replace your Battery (Yep you get a new battery for RileyLink)
  • Test RileyLink Charging Circuit

Firmware Test and Check

  • Re-Flash RileyLink/OrangeLink Firmware
  • Test Rileylink/OrangeLink Firmware by wirelessly sending commands to a device

Test RileyLink Antenna Reception

  • Test RileyLink/OrangeLink Antenna Continuity
  • Test RileyLink/OrangeLink Antenna Communications with a Device from 30ft line of sight

* If we find issues that we are unable to repair we will refund your payment