OrangeLink Beta Test Site

Thank you for participating in the OrangeLink Beta

We are so grateful for your support and dedication to the community.  This site will be updated with information and beta test results as we receive them back from all the testers.  We have a number of tests that you can help provide feedback and data with so that we can help improve the hardware/firmware.

  1. Getting Started
  2. LED and Haptic Vibrator Feedback Indications
  3. Pump Testing
  4. Battery Testing
  5. Distance Testing
  6. Accessory Testing
  7. Firmware Updates (Dec 17,2020)

Getting Started Steps:

1.) Press the small button on the front of the OrangeLink to open the battery lid.
2.) Insert (2) AAA Batteries into the OrangeLink, see below for ( – ) and ( + ) orientation, and close the lid.

3.) Enable the OrangeLink in your Loop Application:

Settings > Pump > Devices – Orange (enable toggle switch ON)

LED and Haptic Vibrator Feedback Indications

  1. When OrangeLink is powered on, LED light will blink Red and Yellow with a strong vibration.
  2. When OrangeLink is connected with mobile phone , a SOFT vibration is triggered.
  3. When OrangeLink is disconnected from a mobile phone a STRONG vibration triggered.
  4. When battery is low, LED light will be constant RED, and with SOFT vibration every 2 mins.
  5. When the OrangeLink has a “super low” battery, the voltage is too low to trigger constant RED and SOFT vibration, you will see the OrangeLink repeatedly (connect then disconnect) from the phone (See below for Super Low Indication)

OrangeLink Super Low Battery Indication Video:

Beta Testing and Reporting
The following are some test that you can assist with and report back to us using the linked forms below.  Please use these forms so that we can process all the data efficiently.  We will post all results on this page as well so that the beta testing community has a single place for all the data.

1.) Pump Testing:
Please document what type of Pump you are using and what model / firmware.

2.) AAA Battery Testing:
Please document what type of AAA battery you are using, and total number of hours this battery lasted in the OrangeLink.  We are working on a firmware update that will provide detailed battery voltage so that we can get start and end voltage reporting for each battery type.

Low Battery Indication:
When batteries are two low for the OrangeLink to stay connected and run the OrangeLink will show the following symptoms.

    • Buzz at power reset
    • Blink Yellow then Blink Bright Red
    • The OrangeLink will connect then disconnect in Loop on Device Status screen

3.) Distance Testing:
Please document Distance testing with your pump.  This procedure will take about an hour start to finish and is a little more involved as we are trying to get a fairly consistent test method.  Please follow the attached pdf test method so that your results are consistent with others who have tested. 

  • Distance Testing Method (PDF) (coming soon)
  • Distance Testing Reporting Form (Google Form) (coming soon)

4.) Accessory Testing:
The OrangeLink is in the form factor of the Original AirPods case.  This allows a multitude of fashionable and protective cases to be used.  Please report what case or accessory you are using so that we can curate a list of accessories.

5.) Firmware Updates (Dec 17, 2020):
During The OrangeLink Beta we may be posting updates to the firmware to aide in any testing.  Firmware Updates will be posted here for your testing.

Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Download the nRF Connect App from Nord Semi in the Apple Store or available on  Google Play Store as “nrf connect for mobile”
  2. Download the OrangeLink firmware DFU File to your Mobile Device
  3. Disconnect the OrangeLink from your Loop App  (OrangeLink will Vibrate on Disconnect)
  4. [Connect] to the OrangeLink using the nRF Connect App (OrangeLink will Vibrate on Connect)
  5. Swipe right to the [DFU] screen in the nRF App [Open Document Picker] and select the Firmware Zip File
  6. [Start] the firmware update.  When finished, exit the app and Re-Connect in Loop App

Update Firmware Video iPhone

Update Firmware Video Android