OrangeLink Replacement Case


You’ve dropped your OrangeLink, or sat on it, or a dog decided it was a chew toy, or the cat knocked it off the counter, or you thought the top twisted off like a bottle cap.   Point is the top lid is broken or won’t stay on, now what?

1.) You may be able to reassemble it. (See Case Assembly below)
2.) You can use a rubber band or tape to hold it together while you get a replacement here.

We are making OrangeLink replacement cases available here.  We are asking that you pay 10$ to cover the cost of shipping, packing, and handling so we can easily track orders and send out replacements to those that need them.

Replacement Cases Shipping March 15th

Available on backorder



OrangeLink Top Lid Rod and Spring Assembly (Repair Option)

OrangeLink Case Removal

OrangeLink Case Assembly