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BC Diabetes Loop Program: Same Week OrangeLink Pro Purchasing

The OrangeLink Pro is a compact, lightweight, RileyLink compatible device designed using an all new nRF52810 Bluetooth 5.2 System on Chip (SoC).  The OrangeLink Pro includes both 433MHz and 915-866MHz antenna’s, and uses 2 AAA batteries for 2-3 weeks of runtime without having to charge the device.   The OrangeLink Pro also includes a vibration feature that notifies the user when the battery is low or if the OrangeLink is disconnected from a phone app.  The design matches the same dimensional specifications as the Apple AirPods™ and fits many of the AirPods™ Protective cases and accessories.



The OrangeLink Pro is a  RileyLink compatible design by Vic Wu (Birdfly).  The OrangeLink Pro uses 2 AAA batteries for up to 4 weeks runtime*.  The OrangeLink Pro has totally new Bluetooth and RF processors that allow users to update the firmware from their mobile phones as new features and firmware updates are released.  Both Medtronic(915-866MHz) and Omnipod(433MHz) antennas are on board, and a vibration notification feature to alert of App Disconnects and Battery Low Level, as well as a piezo speaker to alert to help find lost devices.

  • (NEW July 2021) – Updated Case Design
  • (NEW July 2021) – Piezo Speaker/Beeper to help locate lost device
  • (NEW July 2021) – FCC Testing and License : 2AZGU-ORANGE
  • nRF52 – N52810 Nordic Semiconductor SoC ARM Processor
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 64 MHz Cortex-M4
  • 192 KB Flash, 24 KB RAM
  • 2 AAA Batteries (~11-14 days Lithium, ~7-10 days Alkaline, ~7-10 days Rechargeable Lithium)
  • Haptic Feedback (vibration)
  • Vibration Notifications for Loop App Disconnect, and Battery Low Status
  • Both 915-866MHz (Medtronic) and 433MHz (Omnipod) antennas on board
  • Apple AirPod™ Case Form Factor (can use AirPod™ Case protectors/holders)
  • Updatable Firmware over Bluetooth
  • % Battery Status, Voltage and Battery Low Warning

Included in your order

  • OrangeLink Pro

Warranty and Refunds

Shipping Times

The product will be provided by BC Diabetes.

User Guide

1.) Press the small button on the front of the OrangeLink to open the battery lid.
2.) Insert (2) AAA Batteries into the OrangeLink, see below for ( – ) and ( + ) orientation, and close the lid.

3.) Enable the OrangeLink in your Loop Application:

Settings > Pump > Devices – Orange (enable toggle switch ON)

4.) To RESET the OrangeLink.  Open the battery lid and then close it again.

LED and Haptic Vibrator Feedback Indications

  1. When OrangeLink is first powered on, LED light will blink Red and Yellow with a strong vibration.
  2. When OrangeLink is powered on but not connected to a phone the LED light will blink Red every 10 seconds
  3. When OrangeLink is first connected to a mobile phone, a SOFT vibration is triggered.
  4. When the OrangeLink is connected to a mobile phone, LED light will blink Yellow every 10 seconds
  5. When OrangeLink is disconnected from a mobile phone a STRONG vibration is triggered.
  6. When battery is low, LED light will be constant RED, and with SOFT vibration every 2 mins.
  7. When the OrangeLink has a “super low” battery, the voltage is too low to trigger constant RED and SOFT vibration, you will see the OrangeLink repeatedly (connect then disconnect) from the phone (See below for Super Low Indication)

OrangeLink Super Low Battery Indication Video:

OrangeLink Top Lid Hinge Rod and Spring Assembly:
Here’s a video showing how to reassemble your OrangeLink if you’ve managed to break the top lid off.


Download the Latest firmware for your OrangeLink or OrangeLink Pro

The OrangeLink’s nRF52 Processor allows users to update the firmware using their Mobile Phones.

  1. Download the nRF Connect App from Nord Semi in the Apple Store or available on  Google Play Store as “nrf connect for mobile”
  2. Download the latest OrangeLink firmware DFU File to your iPhone
  3. Disconnect the OrangeLink from your Loop App  (OrangeLink will Vibrate on Disconnect)
  4. [Connect] to the OrangeLink using the nRF Connect App (OrangeLink will Vibrate on Connect)
  5. Swipe right to the [DFU] screen in the nRF App [Open Document Picker] and select the Firmware Zip File
  6. [Start] the firmware update.  When finished, exit the app and Re-Connect in Loop App

Update Firmware Video iPhone

Update Firmware Video Android

Source Code & Patches for Apps

The OrangeLink was designed and developed by Vic Wu.
[Open Source Code and Design Details will be provided here ]

Available now in Loop App Master branch Release

  • Disables MySentry Packets to increase OrangeLink battery life with Medtronic x23/x54 pumps
  • Adds Battery Level Status Display (%)
  • Adds OrangeLink Firmware (FW) and Hardware (HW) Version Listing
  • Adds Battery Voltage (volts)
  • Adds % Setting and Alert for Low Battery (Off or Set Point)
  • Adds Voltage Setting and Alert for Low Voltage Alert (Off or Set Point)
  • Adds Toggle to Enable/Disable Connection State 10 Second Blinking LED
  • Adds Toggle to Enable/Disable Connection State Disconnect Vibration Alert
  • Adds Test Switches to test Yellow and Red LED’s, and the Haptic Motor
  • Adds [Find Device] Command (OrangeLink Pro Only)