June 29, 2021

Since June of 2016 we have been working to provide RileyLink Compatible Hardware and Repair services to the T1D DIY Community.  Over the course of the last 5 years, we’ve tried as hard as we can to keep prices stable by purchasing electronic components in bulk, negotiating shipping terms and developing manufacturing contracts that take into account the incredible gift that this community has given to so many.   One third of all shipments we make are to EU and UK countries.  Over the past 3 years those countries have implemented more and more stringent import tax schemes and rules for products or goods that are brought in from outside the EU.   In order to meet the new stringent EU/UK Tax requirements and reporting requirements has partnered with to ensure we meet all international tax requirements.   This will ensure we can continue to deliver RileyLink and OrangeLink products into the EU/UK and the World.    In addition, we are also working with UPS to supply a lower cost means of point-to-point delivery of packages so that they are not held up by the slower and less reliable postal services and we can offer more transparent tracking around the world.

All these services and additions will require us to increase the baseline price of the RileyLink and OrangeLink hardware as well as collect EU/UK VAT Taxes at the time of purchase.  This is a requirement for import of products into the EU/UK as of July 1, 2021.  We will continue to seek out ways to cut costs and deliver the products as quickly as possible to the DIY community.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Beginning in July we will be required to include VAT Taxes for EU and UK International purchases.  This is because the EU and UK Governments have imposed a new “Scheme” regarding the transit of goods into their respective countries.  VAT must be collected at the time of sale and reported to the Tax office, or the goods will be returned once they reach customs import.  When shipping to an EU or UK country we an additional Tax line item will be calculated and displayed so you can see the Import tax cost.

To put it simply if we don’t collect VAT and report it to the government, your order will not be allowed to pass customs import.  We have registered our organization with the EU and UK Tax offices and have been issued VAT ID’s.

EU VAT ID: [Applied for..]
UK VAT ID: [Applied for..]

EU / UK Tax calculations have not yet been integrated into the site.  We hope to have this completed by 2022.  We have a waiver in place to allow us to continue to ship while we implement VAT with Avalara.

USA State Taxes:

Each individual State in the USA requires a different set of rules regarding Taxes to be collected.  Some states require a certain number of purchases to a given state, others are based on gross sales.  As we reach the “nexus” of these thresholds for each State, our online order system will begin collecting state taxes when they are applicable.