RileyLink W2 Case Water Resistant + Wireless Charging


The RileyLink W2 Case is a completely new kind of protective case for your RileyLink.  This case is all about keeping your RileyLink safe from the water, while giving it the flexibility of wireless charging.

Order the W2 Case as a kit that you solder and assemble yourself, or fully assembled, soldered and tested with a new RileyLink of your choice.

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The W2 case is made from an injection molded Polycarbonate shell for impact resistance and preventing cracking under pressure.  It is designed for both the 916Mhz (Medtronic) and the 433Mhz (Omnipod) RileyLink 1.0 boards.  The design includes double O-Ring seals and a Barometric Vent.  The vent equalizes the air pressure inside the case while keeping water out.  This makes the W2 Case water resistant up to 1 meter for 30 minutes*.  Last but not least this case features a 4.5 Watt Wireless Charging Coil, so you can fully charge your Rileylink in about 45 minutes without cables.

Assembly Instructions: W2 Case Assembly Instructions and User Guide (PDF)
Quickstart Guide: W2 Case Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Included With Your W2 Case Order

  • RileyLink W2 Case
  • Wireless Charging Coil
  • (Optional) – Fully Soldered/Assembled/Tested RileyLink Kit
  • In USA First Class 3-5 day Shipping (Included)
  • International Shipping ($35) DHL/UPS/FedEx 5-7 day Shipping
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    Shipments to China or Hong Kong require the use of a Trans-Shipment Service

* The W2 case is designed to resist splashes, dunks, and occasional submersion in water up to 1m, however it is not recommended to swim with your W2 Case. Water ingress could occur during prolonged submersion, resulting in damage to your RileyLink board. Signal loss will occur if the RileyLink is submerged or damaged.

Quick Start Guides
Quickstart Guide: W2 Case Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Kit Assembly Instructions

Assembly Instructions: W2 Case Assembly Instructions and User Guide (PDF)

Wireless Chargers that we have tested (You will need to purchase these separately).

Open Source Build Files:

The designer of this case Ian Davidson has provided the Open Source build files and instructions on GitHub

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This is a small production run of the RileyLink Hardware, designed by Pete Schwamb