OrangeLink Loop/FreeAPS Feature Patch

We’ve put together instructions on how to patch a Loop or FreeAPS App Workspace build with features specific to OrangeLink.

[ZIP] OrangeLink Loop Patch Zip Files v04-05-21 [Download]
[PDF] OrangeLink Loop Patch Instructions PDF [Download]
[Google DOC] OrangeLink Loop FreeAPS Feature Patch Instructions [Google Doc Edit]

What this patch does:

  • (Update 4-5-21) Disables MySentry Packets in Loop for OrangeLink battery life improvement for users with Medtronic x23/x54 pumps
  • Adds Battery Level Status % Display
  • Adds OrangeLink Firmware Version Listing
  • Adds Test commands to test Yellow and Red LED’s, and the Haptic Motor
    (These are to test the device not permanently disable the features (yet). Patience is a virtue.)


[URL] LoopDocs for documentation on Loop Workspace Builds

[GitHub] Vic Wu and OrangeLink Dev Team for GitHub rileylink_ios patch for OrangeLink