COVID19 Missing Shipments

Due to COVID19 passenger airline flights have been dramatically reduced.  90% of all packages were typically routed to these flights.  We are seeing a double and triple shipping time for shipments.  We are working to validate all the shipments we’ve sent since Mid March when shutdowns began and tracking back all packages to begin further investigation with USPS.  Sadly this is taking a very long time and we get no response from USPS.

April 29th: USPS issued a statement about moving shipments that were delayed in Miami via Sea Freight.  We should start to see tracking movement by May 24th and delivery by May 30th – June 4. (at least that’s what they are saying now)

We are working with USPS to get a handle on all the RL’s that seem to be missing in shipment during this COVID pandemic.

Please fill out this form so that we can ensure you are on our list. If we do not have tracking or movement by the first week in June we will be working with each user to ship replacements.

COVID19 Missing Shipment Form