RileyLink Firmware Update Service


With the release of subg_rfspy/ble_rfspy 2 in August of 2018.  Many RileyLink users have been asking about how to update their older RileyLink to subg_rfspy/ble_rfspy version 2.  (If your up for doing it yourself see below)

You will need to purchase a TI CC-Debugger tool, build a Microsoft Windows VM or have access to a Windows PC, Install a bunch of software, and flash the two chips on the RileyLink. If this sounds like a bit more hassle than you are up for..

We’ve decided to help those users that are interested in a more straightforward update by providing a RileyLink Firmware Update Service.

With this service you will receive a Loaner RileyLink to use. While we flash your own RileyLink 1.0 hardware, and then send it back to you.  We send you a pre-paid box with a Loaner RileyLink and shipping return labels, and packing materials for you to send us your RileyLink, and then send the Loaner back when you are done.

  • Pre-Paid Shipping Packing & Labels Sent as Part of the Service
  • Your RileyLink will be flashed to latest subg_rfspy/ble_rfspy 2 firmware
  • Your RileyLink will be tested and returned to you
  • (Optional) Battery Replacement can be added for $10
  • (Optional) New SlimCase can be added for $35
  • Only available in USA due to international shipping costs.


Update RileyLink Firmware

For full instructions on how to update your RileyLink’s Firmware yourself please download the following files and/or guide.  We have a Zip file with the Guide and Firmware files as well as a separate download of just the guide.

RileyLink Firmware Update Files & Guide August 2018 (621kb)

RileyLink Firmware Update Guide PDF August 2018 (600kb)

Additional information


Just the Firmware Update $50, Firmware Upgrade + Battery $60, Firmware Upgrade + Case $85, Firmware Upgrade + Battery + Case $95