DIY 433 MHz Antenna + SlimCase Pro Upgrade Kit


Break out the Soldering Iron, Flux and Solder.  It’s time to hack an new antenna on to your RileyLink.  This kit provides the 433Mhz Antenna and Custom Printed 433MHz SlimCase Pro by Robert Silvers at  We’ve updated the Kit to add some extra value.  The kit includes a full SlimCase Pro 433 RileyLink Case  from ( as well as a new Lithium Ion Battery as most users who are doing this upgrade are ordering a battery as well.

What’s Included


  • Sold As-Is
  • Without-Warranty
  • Not-For-Profit


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Antenna Soldering Installation Video: (Coming Soon)

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Video of Antenna Replacement by Katie DiSimone

Key Points

  • Make sure your iron is hot before trying to remove the original Antenna
  • Use Flux
  • Use more Flux
  • Use just a bit more Flux (It will make things much easier).

Additional information

Weight 0.025 lbs
Dimensions 1.389764 × 2.212598 × 0.8464567 in